ENRIC MIR I TEIXIDOR, Born in Barcelona on February 5, 1960. ID number: 46.115.393W. Architect collegiate n.15132-7 established professional Osi street, 34-36, Bajos, 08034 Barcelona. Associate Teacher 6 + 6 hours in the Design Department at the School of Architecture of Barcelona. Polytechnic University of Catalonia. Judicial Forensic expert for the province of Barcelona. Member of the Heritage Commission of the City District Old City.


ROBERT MIR I TEIXIDOR, born in Barcelona on September 16, 1969. With the DNI no. Y 46,131,152. Architect No. 25969-6 referee, established professional Osi street, 34-36, 08034 Barcelona. Architect contributor OCT participates in successive agreements with the CTR and the City Council since 1995. From initial opinions initiated in 1994, DEMEX, Certified Safety and Soundness of the City, the current Tedis. Forensic experts of the administration of justice in the courts of Girona and now the courts of Barcelona.


+ MMASS ARCHITECTURE is an architectural firm founded by ENRIC MIR I TEIXIDOR & ROBERT MIR I TEIXIDOR. Both constitute the firm in 2001 after having worked architecture since 1985 in the case of Enric and since 1994 in the Robert.

 Our passion comes from our master Bonamusa Antoni Homs, who instilled the values ​​of Architecture and Interior Design. Passion that exudes all of our + architectures. Our field of work includes architecture in all its variants: Old: Rehabilitation-Refurbishment, New: housing, public and private facilities, Interior Design, Planning and Expert. Our specialty is the architecture of the Spectacle: from Cinemas, Theaters, Amusement Parks and Arcades renovation of bullrings. The field of Project Management is a new field in which our passion has also been developed, working with the architect and the owner to get the best architecture with a + Project Management.


C/OSI, 34-36, BAIXOS, 08034, BARCELONA, SPAIN, TF: +34 932385648, FAX: +34 932176532 e-mail: projectes.mmass@coac.net